ICE SKATING AND FISHING I was just hearing people telling stories about ice fishing and skating that happens during winter seasons in most of European countries not knowing that one day I will be the one playing these games. When people talk about these two games, you might think that it’s as simple as entering a bus, but you realize that it requires a lot of concertation, attention and more practice when it’s your first time to try it. Its very rare to find these games in the countries which doesn’t experience snow, therefore during my stay in Norway, I was luck enough to see when its snowing during winter season. What a mazing moment of seeing like a clean white gold coming down from heaven but reaching on the ground it’s when you realize that it’s a whitish substance that melts immediately when you touch it. It doesn’t stop on melting, but it also gives you a lot of work to do most especially when it’s your first time to experience it in your life due the matter of the fact that when…
                      BENEFITS OF WORKING AS A TEAM.

Hey everyone there, my name is Kalyango Elisa!!!! Soon we are entering in the new year,but grant me a chance to share with you the benefits we can gain if we decide to work as a team. All developed countries have enabled to achieve their common goal because there are working as a team. Not even wasting a single minute let's starts our journey.

Team work I have taken this opportunity to talk about team work, because I have realized that if we work as a team we can achieve a lot. During my stay in Norway on the student program exchange which is organized by Stromme foundation and its partners from different parts of the world, I have found that the most important thing towards the development of an organization or a state is to work as a team. And I have highly realized that everyone is very productive and can contribute towards the development of a company or a state. 
what is team work? Team work is the willingness of a group of peop…

It started as a dream when I was still young, thinking about the European countries. This was due to the fact that I learnt about how these European countries do conduct their work, and I was pleased because many different sources tells us how organised the white countries are. Never the less I continued and completed my high school studies in 2013.

In 2014 during my vacation in the village came up an organisation called CBS PEWOSA (Project to Empower Women through Savings and Loan Association) under STROMME MICRO FINANCE. This project was training community  members how to save and use the acquired loans from their cmmf (community managed micro-finance) groups. and even it has other sections ie
Vocational training
Food security training etc.

I participated in these training for three months from where we formed a group of 30 members called Akateyaniira cmmf and we started saving and getting loans from our group as we invest them in income generating activities. …